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Notes from MM&M’s FutureTech Pharma

Silverlight Digital was delighted to be among the sponsors of this year’s FutureTech Workshop by Medical, Media & Marketing. If you were unable to attend, Silverlight’s Michael Ackerman has got you covered with musings, notes and things overheard at the Philly event. Using Tech to Create an Emotional Connection with your Customer Jim Demaioribus, Chief Marketing Officer, Aqua Pharma Need... Read More

A illustrated history of artificial intelligence in advertising

Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy. Somewhere in a sleepy North London suburb, a shopkeeper ritualistically opened his daily newspaper. Eyeing the weather report, he moved a bin of black umbrellas to the front of the store, just inside the door where they could easily be seen by customers needing a quick respite from the approaching rain. The... Read More

Recapping Modern Marketing Summit

The Modern Marketing Summit (#MMS18) featured exciting speakers and panels that looked into the future to discuss the next steps in the industry. Topics ranged from current and future trends, content marketing and how to make meaningful connections with your advertising, the future of programmatic, and women in the industry. In particular, two standout sessions opened the conference: 9 Topics... Read More

Finding Patient X: The Role of Digital Media in Rare Disease Research

Applied Clinical Trials Volume 27, Issue 3 The market viability of orphan drugs—pharmaceuticals targeting rare diseases and disorders—has gained significant traction in recent years, generally from the lack of competition and high financial rewards. However, the risk is significant and finding patients to monetize the investment makes it a precarious business. What we know for certain is that orphan drugs... Read More

Marketing a challenger brand: Four strategy tips

Challenger brands have always existed, however, the label is new. But “challengers” are more than just an underdog category of brands trying harder to topple their market leader. Being a challenger brand is a markedly different approach to running a company. Like breakout brands, stalwart brands, startups and legacy brands, challenger brands must operate within prescribed constructs. Labels be damned,... Read More

Event: How BOTS, False News, and Fake Ads are Stealing Ad Dollars

Join Silverlight’s CEO Lori Goldberg at Philly Ad Club’s next event. Lori is joining a team of industry panelists to discuss how ad fraud may be impacting your campaigns and what you can do about it. Topics will include: Better understanding digital ad fraud and false news How to navigate best results in today’s world of robotic interference Making sure... Read More

Overcoming Social Media Anxiety in Healthcare Marketing

Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Healthcare Business Today.   Social media is an anxiety producing endeavor for drug manufactures and healthcare providers, which is why so few even bother to enter this space. However, recent studies indicate that social media is on the move as the industry learns to adapt to vague FDA regulations and discovers the true nature... Read More

New Advisory Paper for Healthcare Brands and Agencies

Healthcare agencies and brands are turning to digital media agencies to help navigate the complexities of multi-channel advertising. In our latest advisory, Silverlight Digital offers plain talk on the value of partnering with us – or any other qualified media partner. The advisory carefully explains benefits of expertise in healthcare, navigating regulatory laws and publisher guidelines, benefits of premier level... Read More

What Search Semantics Tell Pharma and Healthcare Marketers

Mobile users are ready to act upon search results, offering advertisers clues on how to capture new customers Do you know what your consumers’ search habits are telling you? You don’t need to be a soothsayer to understand their priorities. In fact, they’re sharing what they want you to know through their search semantics, revealing important trends in mobile search... Read More

Silverlight Digital Designated Among Top 100 Healthcare Agencies by MM&M

Silverlight Digital has been named as one of the top 100 healthcare agencies by MM&M in its July Agency Issue, making its debut on the annual roundup. The industry ranking gives pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers a guide to marketing and advertising strategy leaders. Silverlight Digital is one of the few privately held boutique agencies on the list curated by the... Read More

Recap: Mobile Trends In Pharma & Healthcare Advertising Event at Google

Silverlight Digital + Google team up to present Mobile Trends in the Pharma Healthcare Advertising Earlier this week, Silverlight Digital and Google teamed up to bring pharma and healthcare advertisers the latest trends, research and best practices for reaching patients and consumers in a world where mobile is taking marketshare hand over fist. The agenda for the afternoon consistent of... Read More

Three Common Pitfalls in Programmatic Buying

CEO Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy.  In 2016, 73% of advertisers’ total display budgets were spent on programmatic. With those numbers expected to rise, advertisers need to pay particular attention. While the nature of programmatic itself is to streamline and create efficiencies inside the buying process, marketers need to keep the most important piece of this strategy front and center: the... Read More

How Boutique Media Agencies Can Foster Women Leaders

Silverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for iMedia Connection As the owner of a boutique media agency, I know the reality of leading a lean business often means leaner employee programs or perks. Smaller agencies don’t always have the budget or the bandwidth to create a specific program for women’s mentoring or to hire a recruiter focused on hiring diverse... Read More

5 Tips for Successful Holiday Campaigns

Silverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for iMedia Connection November and December traditionally drive 30 percent more online revenue than non-holiday months, with as many as 92 percent of holiday shoppers either researching or purchasing their gifts online. Here are strategies to keep in mind to ensure you close out the year with strong performance metrics. Start by revisiting customer... Read More

What Brand Marketers can Learn from the Olympics

Silverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for iMedia Connection With this summer’s Olympics closed, we’ve watched records be set and broken, new talent emerge, and of course names like “Simone” brought into our living rooms. And like every Olympic year, we’ve seen advertisers and brands clamoring for a chance to display innovation and strategic thinking in the faces of billions of... Read More

Personal Data and Privacy in the Digital Healthcare Age

Silverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for eConsultancy For athletes, competitors and data geeks, the opportunities to improve our health through personal data collection have never been more prevalent and affordable. I use Fitbit religiously to track my steps, heart rate and sleep patterns. I combine Fitbit with data from MapMyRun and MapMyRide, apps that collect running and biking data... Read More

A Closer Look at Pharmaceutical Advertisers’ Gradual Shift to Digital Media

A Closer Look at Pharmaceutical Advertisers’ Gradual Shift to Digital Media Recently, pharmaceutical advertisers have inched their way into digital with online and mobile media spending estimated to reach nearly $2 billion in 2016, up 15.4% from the year before (eMarketer). By and large, they still cling to television where they spend roughly $3.7 billion annually targeting consumers. They spend... Read More

How Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Advertisers Can Respond to Climate Change

When strange, unseasonal weather rocks New York, those of us in the pharmaceutical advertising industry particularly take note. Normal weather patterns allows for predictable consumer behavior across many sectors. Recently, weather here and the rest of the world has been anything BUT predictable. Among the many environmental consequences of climate change, the pharmaceutical and healthcare community is looking at the... Read More

How Travel and Hospitality Advertisers Can Respond to Climate Change

Emerging from a late season snow here in the northeast and looking towards the summer vacation season, travel and hospitality advertisers are taking note of climate changes that are impacting consumer travel decisions. Unusual weather patterns and changing consumer perceptions around the environmental impact of travel are influencing decisions on where to go and when1. For travel destinations and local... Read More