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Silverlight Videos

Silverlight Digital Pulse ’18 Conference: HCP and DTP and Video Trends Through the Eyes of Google

Presented by Leland Candler, Google’s Head of Industry for Pharma, this video segment from Pulse ’18 takes an insider’s view of Google’s recommended best practices for pharma and healthcare video marketing.

Published by Silverlight Digital as a part of Pulse 2018

Silverlight Digital Pulse ’18 Conference: Rooting for a Challenger Brand

Presented by Meredith Hughes, Search and Social Media Director, Silverlight Digital, this video segment from Pulse’18 looks at how challenger brands can effectively position themselves to take marketshare and compete with leading national brands in the healthcare space.

Silverlight Digital Pulse ’18 Conference: The 10 Million Patient Focus Group

Presented by Dr. Jon Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer, Verywell, this video segment from Pulse ’18 looks at the realities of how consumers and caregivers use search engines to find medical information, with some surprising results.

Google Partnership: “An Interview on Marketing In Pharma & Healthcare”

In this interview with Google, Silverlight CEO, Lori Goldberg, discusses the benefits of working with a Google Partner when choosing a marketing agency.  Together they talk about best practices in pharmaceutical and healthcare, ways to demystify the digital marketplace, and how to ensure a smooth clearance of legal review and Google policies before starting a new campaign.

“A Peek Inside Silverlight Digital”

Women@Page: “Climbing the Corporate Ladder in Heels”

This speaking series is produced and hosted by PageGroup as part of their initiative to empower women towards professional success and leadership. On March 22nd at the LinkedIn headquarters in NYC, Silverlight Digital’s Lori Goldberg joined an incredible panel who gave the audience great advice on how to make it to the top.

The Biggest Areas Poised for Programmatic Growth

Ocean Fine, director of agency and strategic accounts at Factual, speaks to Lori Goldberg, CEO, Silverlight Digital, about which two areas she thinks are poised for growth in programmatic in 2016.