The Good, the Bad, the Solution, and the Reality in a Cookie-Less Pharmaceutical Advertising Future

Only 41% of companies have prepared for a future without third-party cookies. For almost 60%, it is still the cornerstone of their advertising strategy. Leaving the majority of marketing practitioners unprepared. In today’s digitalized world, customer expectations of brands and companies are high. Improving the experience they have throughout the decision and buying process is... Read More

How Covid Changed the Way Doctors Use Social Media and Technology to Treat Patients

The pandemic transformed the workplace of healthcare providers (HCPs) and other professionals across the board by primarily accelerating the integration of technology in the workplace. Because of this, the way HCPs interact and collaborate with one another has changed, and with that, the methods in which advertisers can target and reach doctors on social media... Read More

Netflix to launch Ad-Supported Tier in Early 2023, Giving Advertisers a New Channel to Reach Customers

As Netflix reaches a plateau and saturation point in total subscribers, the leading streamer is looking for new and different ways to grow its business in a challenging environment. Netflix currently has 220 million subscribers globally, but that number has declined by nearly 1 million subscribers in the most recent quarter (Q2 ’22). As growth... Read More
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