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    Case Study Snapshots


    Client wanted to increase product awareness amongst Hispanic mothers, as well as move product, drive site volume, and deliver ROI. Silverlight Digital developed a multi-­‐ platform approach to engage customers via direct content sites and audience networks. CTR was increased by 30% in just three months.
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    Client needed to build awareness and drive sales of their weight loss drug with a CPA goal of 40$. Silverlight Digital designed bidding strategies that used a combination of behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, and retargeting, which produced a CPA of $31.10, prompting the client to relocate their entire budget to Silverlight Digital.
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    Client wanted to improve CPA and increase calls to their call center. Silverlight Digital implemented an increased mobile focus and tailored Geo-­‐targeting campaigns by keywords that tracked to successful calls. With the same budget, Silverlight Digital was able to double both SEM clicks and total calls, while decreasing average CPC by 56% and average CPA...
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    Piedmont Healthcare

    Client needed to promote the opening of a new cardiologist practice in Atlanta. Silverlight Digital utilized a mix of pre-­‐roll video and display ads via one network and Real Time Bidding to target behaviorally and contextually, while retargeting A35+. This returned a CTR over 1% (above the industry standard), and led to a campaign renewal...
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    Monroe College

    Client wanted to increase undergraduate enrollment for their spring and fall semesters. To do this, Silverlight Digital leveraged proprietary “social targeting” to generate a qualified pool of those considering specific programs. This action delivered over 10 million impressions and generated 28,000 page visits, increasing enrollment by 27%.
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    Hackensack University Medical Center

    Client wanted to create awareness for their new Orthopedic Institute. Silverlight Digital implemented a focused branding strategy that spotlighted the institute’s physicians, and used Geo-­‐targeting to reach potential patients in distant counties, as well as bolster recognition in closer counties. Silverlight Digital’s efforts contributed to 89% of the institute’s website traffic and all metrics improved...
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    Dymista — Silverlight Digital Portfolio


    Meda, an international specialty pharmaceutical company, came to Silverlight Digital looking to increase brand awareness of Dymista®, and the brand itself as a strong competitor to other Nasal Spray brands among allergy sufferers through driving downloads of a discount co-pay card. Using targeted buying strategies, Silverlight Digital found and took advantage of “white space” among the...
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    Curaçao Tourist Board

    The Curaçao Tourist Board needed cost-effective strategies to drive travel bookings for their “Dare to Explore” campaign. Silverlight Digital designed and executed a search strategy that emphasized branded keywords and a display campaigns that utilized programmatic buying. Silverlight Digital was able to decrease ad spend by 50%, which led to the client being able to...
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    Aetrex — Silverlight Digital Portfolio


    Aetrex, a global leader in comfort and wellness footwear, was looking for a digital agency who could serve as a strategic partner to manage digital display and search engine marketing campaigns. Silverlight Digital targeted niche consumer groups through a strategic blend of long-tail keywords, flex-matching, brand-specific keywords, and terminology associated with many of Aetrex’s core...
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