Paradigms at War

How shifting paradigms create opportunities for adaptive marketers

The term “Paradigm Shift” is overused particularly in high-growth sectors such as advertising and digital marketing, where paradigms are constantly shifting but not uncharacteristically so. It’s vital to separate evolving strategies from true paradigm shifts; evolving strategies are like ripples in an ocean that are quickly absorbed by the paradigm, whereas shifts are tidal waves that create massive changes requiring adaptation by the marketplace. Adaptive marketers – being opportunistic – crave the shifts for the opportunities they bring.

In our latest advisory, we look at the changes occurring in digital marketing landscape and offer prescriptive advice on how marketers can not only adapt, but take advantage.

About Silverlight Digital

Silverlight Digital is a New York-based digital media agency that adopts a consultative approach to helping brands reach their desired audience online. Working directly with brands and their agency counterparts, Silverlight leverages its programmatic and aggregate campaign data to make smart multi-channel buying decisions, while partnering with brand managers to successfully publisher review processes.

As a Premiere Google and Bing Partner, Silverlight Digital receives tier one support from publishers and through direct site partnerships and hosts a popular healthcare client round table at Google’s New York offices each year.

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