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    How Travel and Hospitality Advertisers Can Respond to Climate Change

    Emerging from a late season snow here in the northeast and looking towards the summer vacation season, travel and hospitality advertisers are taking note of climate changes that are impacting consumer travel decisions. Unusual weather patterns and changing consumer perceptions around the environmental impact of travel are influencing decisions on where to go and when1. For travel destinations and local... Read More

    An Illustrated History of Ad Blocking, 1960 – 2016

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy. History shows us that ad blocking innovation and consumer’s demand for it is nothing new. Panic over recent methods of digital ad blocking must be put in proper historical context and the consumer’s long-held desire to skip ads must be acknowledged. Despite this, we also understand that advertising provides a valuable service... Read More

    Notes on AdTech New York

    Silverlight’s CEO Lori Goldberg and client André Rojer of the Curaçao Tourist Board shared the stage at AdTech New York, talking travel and digital advertising in a context of programmatic’s surging influence on creative and strategy. In case you missed it, below is a summary of key takeaways from their panel discussion, titled “Going Programmatic: In-House or Agency”: Why Programmatic?... Read More

    Google and Silverlight Digital Team Up For Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Education Series

    Google and Silverlight Digital partnered last week to host the first in a series of events planned by the two companies to provide focus on evolving digital advertising strategies in key markets. First up: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. Forty-five leaders from New York’s Pharmaceutical and Healthcare digital advertising community were in attendance for a unique half-day educational event at Google’s Eighth... Read More

    Why It’s Time to Leave Old-school SEO Behind

    (Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg writes for EConsultancy) The term SEO, which was allegedly first used in 1997, has long been used to describe a webmaster’s ability to edit a website’s design and code to favorably influence its rank on search engines. SEO strategies have included back-linking, title tags, page architecture, site maps and introduced us to a style of writing... Read More

    On Stage at AdTech New York

    A quick photo from the front row at AdTech New York. The panel, “Going Programmatic: In-House or Agency” featured Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg and our client, André Rojer, Marketing Manager for the Curaçao Tourist Board.

    Silverlight Digital’s Lori Goldberg Panels at AdTech New York

    NEW YORK (October 22, 2015) Silverlight Digital, a boutique digital media agency in New York, announces today that CEO Lori Goldberg has been selected to speak at AdTech New York on November 5th at the Javits Center. The panel, “Going Programmatic: In-House or Agency” will feature Lori and Silverlight Digital’s client, André Rojer, Marketing Manager for the Curaçao Tourist Board.... Read More

    Five Bad Habits That Digital Marketers Should Avoid

    Silverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for eConsultancy Digital advertising remains very much a blend of art and science utilizing the flywheel effect of technology.Within the art comes a lot of human decision-making fueled by data, intuition, or speculation. Quality of data, degree of intuition and amount of speculation can determine a digital marketing campaign’s success. But let’s face it,... Read More

    How “Orange Is the New Black” Can Inspire Your Campaigns

    Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg writes for iMediaConnection. Netflix’s original series, “Orange Is the New Black” — based on the book by Piper Kerman — is precedent-setting television, not only in challenging gender roles by telling the stories of women in prison, but in its clever, unscripted digital marketing strategy. Without the promotional power of a major television network backing... Read More

    How to Make the Most from Your Next Industry Conference Appearance

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for EConsultancy. Programming an industry conference with quality speakers, relevant keynotes and bantering panelists is no easy task. The event’s producer must balance commerce and quality by allowing sponsors to buy their way into marque forums while also programming the event with diversity, rising stars, innovators and thoughtful opinion-makers. Ultimately, a well-programmed conference is both profitable... Read More

    When the Internet Attacks

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy. In the angry aftermath of Amazon’s big Prime Day sales event, the internet’s support of the ecommerce giant turned from #PrimeDay to #PrimeDayFail. Consumers felt disappointed as Amazon’s big ticket electronics sold out quickly and late-to-the-table shoppers were offered garage sale leftovers such as discounted Pop Tarts, an assortment of granny panties,... Read More

    Marketing Analytics: What Your Web Traffic Says About Your Business

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy.com In digital advertising, we have an uncommon ability to collect user data that’s superior to other forms of advertising data; particularly compared to what’s available in TV or print. However, merely collecting the data can be overwhelming unless a marketing anthropologist can cut through the clutter and give meaning to what the... Read More

    A Brief Guide to Viewability for Digital Advertisers

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for iMediaConnection.com. Do advertisers pay for ads that are never seen by consumers? Typically, the answer could be “yes”. Digital advertising, like radio, TV and print is somewhat based on the ad’s “opportunity to be seen” by consumers. Just as a radio listener may turn down the volume during an ad or a television... Read More

    Surprising Ways To Ruin Your Digital Advertising Strategy

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for MediaPost. What are you doing to ruin your digital advertising strategy? We’ve outlined a few common mistakes advertisers make in our new column on MediaPost. Below is an excerpt , but you can read the whole story here. Clearly define campaign goals and fund accordingly The analytics available in digital media are way... Read More

    Three baseball strategies that will help you win in business

    Written by Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg for Econsultancy: “Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand” as baseball great Leo Durocher famously said. While spring training gets underway, let’s explore how three little-understood strategies of baseball have major league applications in winning at business. Stealing second Stealing second is a high-risk maneuver that is over in an instant... Read More

    How Silverlight Digital Fights Fraud on Your Behalf

    Advertising Fraud is a term that is used to describe a wide variety of destructive behaviors in digital advertising, but also in traditional advertising as well. Because digital advertising is acutely measureable, there has commonly been intent to fake the data through non-human ad views, fraudulent clicks to ads, cookie stuffing and non-viewable ads. Unfortunately, it happens in all forms... Read More

    6 ways to maximize limited ad budgets

    Silverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for iMediaConnection.com. For businesses spending under a few million dollars in annual digital advertising, there are plenty of good deals and tips on how to optimize your dollars. However, you’re likely competing with larger brands in your space that have far greater spending capabilities. Take back a little market share with these six strategies:... Read More

    Gearing up for New York Times Travel Show

    As we gear up for The New York Times Travel Show (January 23rd -25th at Javits) we want to share with you some new travel data from our friends at Expedia Media Solutions (Expedia’s Ad Sales unit): • The fastest growth will come from social and video commercial channels. • In 2013, the number of travelers who used online video... Read More

    5 reasons technology doesn’t have all the answers

    The new price of technology is 99 cents. It’s a disposable price, yet a major barrier to entry for many consumers in today’s app stores. Mobile app developers are the new pioneers and inevitably, upon creation of their latest app, they will sit in a conference room with their investors and marketers and ask themselves, “Should we price it at... Read More

    Mobile Ad Spending Surges with Social Media Growth

    The decades of dominance experienced by print and television advertising were an anomaly- particularly among newspapers and magazines– that no other medium will likely experience in our time. Digital advertising finally unseated print in collective, US ad spending in 2012, with television remaining as top dog in ad revenue. But if you blink, you might miss digital’s time at the... Read More