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    Branding in the Digital Space: Don’t Get Left Behind

    Smart phones and tablets have users constantly in touch with friends via email, text messages and social media sites. Information is transmitted instantaneously at the click of a button and often shared by friends just as quickly. This digitally connected world provides is an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to bring their brand to life in the digital space by interacting... Read More

    7 search and display tips for niche products

    If the web is a global marketplace, then why is nobody searching for the products you sell? Low volume can’t always be solved with more hair product. In terms of digital advertising, low volume will undermine most search engine marketing campaigns before they ever get off the ground. Before you get slapped with an LSV (Low Search Volume, for the... Read More

    “The industry today is that… everybody wants to be the next Google. New products are emerging everyday. There is a lot of ‘middlemen’ selling everybody else’s inventory. You really have to have a keen eye to understand what the source of the inventory is, how viable that data is, where it comes from, where they’re getting it from, and what the performance metrics are for the campaign in order to make really good recommendations and decisions for your client,” Lori Goldberg, CEO.