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    We believe in providing unparalleled customer service. We believe in taking our clients to the next level, digitally, and illuminating their brands. At Silverlight Digital, our purpose is to provide optimal media solutions to accomplish business goals. Our industry expertise lies across verticals and collectively, we’ve cultivated relationships with traditional ad agencies, creative shops, web development companies and public relations agencies, as their digital media arm. We’ve also garnered business with brands directly, becoming instrumental to their successes in the digital space.

    The Silverlight Digital team consists of experts in every area of digital media and analytics. Though we are a boutique agency, we hold large agency experience, with staff pulled from Razorfish, Omnicom and IPG, among others. This expertise, coupled with a senior management team that is directly involved with client business, leads to creative thinking, a strategic approach to every individual campaign and a keen focus on achieving and surpassing desired client results.

    Digital Media For Agencies & Brands

    We work with local and national brands, ad agencies, digital agencies, public relations firms, and creative shops. We work behind-the-scenes to support your team with turn-key and independent campaign management. We’ll help you reach your audience, wherever they are online.

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    Superior Account Management

    Our team leverages the power of Silverlight Digital to ensure that digital media plans perform. Our media team is comprised of digital display experts from top interactive agencies who have planned and bought on hundreds of branding and performance campaigns. With access to state-of-the-art research tools, data partners, and the entire world of available display inventory, our team can help your shop with:

    • Experience:  Each member of the account management team has years of experience managing relationships and campaigns.  We understand that not all clicks are created equally and always keep the primary objectives of the campaign first and foremost.
    • Accessibility:  The account management team provides reporting at the frequency each client desires.  We are also available for weekly calls to review, explain and discuss campaign performance and suggest optimizations, if necessary.  We are equally adept in working with both savvy digital marketers and those new to the space who prefer a little more explanation and education.
    • Trust:  Our clients appreciate that we look at each campaign from the brand’s POV and manage each one as if we were spending our own money.  We are very conscientious of performance and ROI and will not sugar coat results.  We are well informed of the numerous digital channels available in the marketplace and always present potential solutions if a campaign is not meeting its objectives.

    Efficient Media Planning

    At Silverlight Digital, we build customized digital media plans that efficiently and effectively achieve your campaign’s objectives. Whether your goal is to launch a new product, increase sales or a combination of both, our team will work with you to design a paid media solution(s) that will deliver strong, positive results. We do not do cookie-cutter plans, your business needs are unique and your media plan will be as well. We also do not believe in recommending tactics purely for novelty sake; for example, if we do not think mobile is the most effective way to reach your objective we will not include a mobile component in your plan just to check a box.


    The best media plans aren’t made from boxes, they are made by thinking outside the box.

    When it comes to creative, we work seamlessly with your in-house team or outside agency. Our primary focus is to put your company/brand in the best position possible to earn a positive ROI. Speaking of ROI, once your campaign is up and running we will rigorously monitor incoming data because at Silverlight Digital we believe optimization means more than moving impressions between creative. Our philosophy on optimization is to consider the entire customer journey when making refinements to the media plan.
    Media is all we do at Silverlight Digital and we do it well.

    Search: Headlining Your Brand

    Silverlight Digital’s team maximizes the effectiveness of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns – the delivery of paid text advertisements triggered by specific queries on search engines. Using a combination of industry-leading expertise and an array of both proprietary and third-party software tools, we are able to not only tailor and manage scalable campaigns to fit your goals, but also to tie search into your broader media equation.

    Our SEM process consists of four key phases:

    Strategic Overview: We perform an in-depth analysis of your website, your competitors, and the market to establish a baseline for use in generating comprehensive campaigns tailored to meet your business goals.

    Implementation: We formulate concrete goals and provide the tracking and analytics systems necessary to monitor performance.

    Campaign Management: We analyze campaign data as well as provide insights into trends in the industry and work in conjunction with your other marketing efforts for a successful overall marketing mix.

    Reporting: We provide detailed reports and analytical insight to give you a greater understanding of your campaign performance.

    Silverlight Digital Trading Desk

    By having our own in-house Trading Desk we are able to tap into an enormous amount of data that we use to buy media programmatically on your behalf. In addition to having access to thousands of audience data segments, we can incorporate your own 1st party data if available into our data management platform or DMP. Our Trading Desk gives us access to Real-Time Bidding technology which enables us to provide you with substantially lower rates than if you were to purchase media directly from publishers. Auction-based pricing means that you will pay what the market will bear and not what the publisher would prefer you to pay. The Silverlight Digital Trading Desk has immediate access to tens of thousands of websites in the U.S. and abroad. Our Trading Desk team has been certified by the company that built our Desk’s infrastructure, so we are well versed in RTB and programmatic best practices. Another huge advantage to having our own Trading Desk is the ability to retarget audiences that visit your website but do not convert initially, thus  enabling you to re-engage these “hand-raisers”.

    Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

    Real-Time Bidding (RTB) allows display media inventory to be purchased by the individual impression through a complex electronic bidding system that reacts in the milliseconds before a consumer loads a webpage. The targeting and cost efficiency opportunities presented by Real-Time Bidding are making it the standard in buying display advertising. Ad publishers provide inventory. Originally, Real-Time Bidding was only used on unsold remnant inventory (that business now is gaining traction with Programmatic) however; RTB is increasingly used on premium ad inventory as demand for higher values from publishers has risen. For 2014, eMarketer predicts that advertisers in the U.S. will spend $3.36 billion on RTB, up from $2 billion just one year earlier. The benefits of RTB for the advertiser are increased control over the campaign’s individual performance, better ROI, and increased buying efficiency. For the ad publisher, the benefits include higher revenues as a result of the bidding system that maximizes the value of each impression.

    Programmatic Media Buying

    Programmatic media buying is the latest buzz word in the industry. While it’s a relatively fresh approach to buying ad media on the Web, it’s gaining traction across major agencies and it’s one of the many tools we employ here at Silverlight Digital. In an effort to demystify this sort of technology for our customers, here are some basics that you need to know about Programmatic: Programmatic is a method of real time bidding where media agencies (like us) can bid on available and remnant ad space across the web – in fractions of a second. Compare it to eBay for media, but the bids are won in an infinitely faster moment of time. Human skills are still needed in Programmatic campaigns as the campaigns and rules are planned beforehand and established by marketers. A Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP) is a recent addition to the ad tech landscape. A PMP allows marketers to better organize their data and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns. Programmatic saves time and money. Because computers are handling the transactions, purchases can be made so efficiently that the team managing the Programmatic buys can spend their time on effective strategy, not paperwork and spreadsheets. Simply put, Programmatic is automation. Want to target vacation travelers with display ads? With Programmatic, the process is reduced to a few clicks of buttons.

    Powered by Data

    Data is in everything we do, every decision we make. We are self-proclaimed Data Geeks. Data is not subjective and therefore we combine the facts with our own insights to draw conclusions that help our client’s bottom line. This is what excites us!

    We spend every dollar as if it’s our own, closely monitoring performance across multiple factors and optimizing accordingly.  We have a vested interest in ensuring you are getting more per dollar spent.

    Our analytics capabilities go as deep as tying every ad size/creative/placement to the collective ROI we agree on- whether that’s viewed ads, clicked ads, converted sales (e-commerce or in-store purchases), lifetime value or moving the needle on making consumers aware that your product exists. This knowledge allows us to act as more than just digital media buyers. We become your strategic business partners.