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    Notes from MM&M’s FutureTech Pharma

    Silverlight Digital was delighted to be among the sponsors of this year’s FutureTech Workshop by Medical, Media & Marketing. If you were unable to attend, Silverlight’s Michael Ackerman has got you covered with musings, notes and things overheard at the Philly event.

    Using Tech to Create an Emotional Connection with your Customer

    Jim Demaioribus, Chief Marketing Officer, Aqua Pharma

    • Need to create an emotional connection
    • Job of marketing is to change behavior
    • Cup holder analogy – little emotional things that make a big difference (Honda Odyssey was a huge hit when introduced cause of 12+ cupholders)
    • Tech connection – immersive experience (VR, AR, MR)
    • PictureDayVR.com – VR helped drive trade show booth traffic. Take advantage of dermatologists having a high degree of empathy for patients. 

    AI – Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers

    Hans Kaspersetz, President, Arteric

    • 30% of Internet population will be browsing without screens in 2020 – ask their device questions
    • 23% of docs use voice assistants
    • Huge advantage that they don’t have to touch anything
    • 20% of mobile queries are through voice
    • Current brand searches aren’t accurate. From study of 110 brand searches, only 4 questions were answered correctly
    • A.I. can play a role in helping pharma better understand their patients – search console data, PPC, customer service transcripts and social feedback
    • A.I. – Organize & safeguard your data, narrowly define biz problem, organize effective term – business owners, data experts
    • Voice Search –  Not clear how to monetize?  Most likely pre-roll like video

    Partnering with Agencies

    Paul Murasko, Sr. Dir. Multi-Channel Marketing, Sunovion

    • Pharma co.’s should look to partner with multiple agencies
    • Should ask each agency – What are you best at?
    • Plan to institute report cards for partners
    • Multi-Channel Marketing — Group selects digital agencies on behalf of their brands

    Improving the Pharma Product Experience through Technology

    Jim Barsz, SVP, Pillys

    • Pillsy https://pillsy.com/  – Bluetooth pill bottle cap alerts users when to take pills. Followed-up by text, call and pinging caregivers
    • Improving the product experience – Behavioral design to reduce friction (1 click), habit formation, collect data & optimize (Amazon flywheel)

    Women in MarTech Panel

    Melinda Decker, Digital Therapeutics, AstraZeneca
    Fran Howell, Director, Digital Media, Johnson & Johnson
    Shetal Vyas, VP Marketing, Pentec Health
    Amy Turnquist, HBA (Philly chapter)

    • Docs are spending more time on FB than Doximity (They are people too)
    • J&J had a successful diabetes campaign on Twitter. Use 60/40 rule – 60% is about J&J – 40% is what’s happening in the diabetes space
    • Peer influencers are super important for social campaigns (Chief medical Officer partners with celebrity patient)
    • Social listening is critical
    • Hospital pharma yet to innovate on social/digital
    • Successful geo-fencing campaigns – include geo-fencing dialysis centers

    Collective Insights Panel

    Melinda Decker, Digital Therapeutics, AstraZeneca
    Hans Kaspersetz, President, Arteric
    Jim Demaioribus, Chief Marketing Officer, Aqua Pharma

    • Innovative tech idea – look to consumer electronics for ideas – i.e. Sanyo
    • The democratization of data – 23and me
    • Tech can help clinical trial recruiting – save companies hundreds of millions by going to market faster (on back-end)
    • Wearables – Usage depends on need/disease –  Can wear monitoring devices for short time spurts