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    Silverlight Digital - Mobile Trends in Healthcare & Pharma Advertising

    Recap: Mobile Trends In Pharma & Healthcare Advertising Event at Google

    Silverlight Digital - Mobile Trends in Healthcare & Pharma AdvertisingSilverlight Digital + Google team up to present Mobile Trends in the Pharma Healthcare Advertising

    Earlier this week, Silverlight Digital and Google teamed up to bring pharma and healthcare advertisers the latest trends, research and best practices for reaching patients and consumers in a world where mobile is taking marketshare hand over fist.

    The agenda for the afternoon consistent of a two part presentation, from Google’s Healthcare team and Silverlight Digital, with an interactive component allowing the attendees,  a room full of Silverlight’s client’s, agency partners, and specially invited guests, to immediately put some of their learnings into practice. We wrapped the experience with a our of Google’s office and a hard-earned cocktail at happy hour.

    Part One:

    Winning Moments that Matter: Driving Growth in a Mobile First World

    presented by Molly Dince & Aviva Schwaid, Healthcare at Google



    Molly Dince and Aviva Schwaid presented new trends on the ways consumers and patients seek and find information in today’s world. It should come as no surprise that they’re doing it with mobile devices in hand, and pharma brands need to be aware of how this growth in mobile affects the way their drugs are sought and found.

    Micro-Moments: Addressing customer needs in real time

    Micro-moments can happen anytime, anywhere. In those moments, consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. Brands that are successful are those that are:

    • There when customers are searching
    • Useful in those moments
    • Quick and digestible (perfect for mobile consumption)
    • Connect the dots between searching and solution

    Part Two:

    Mobile Trends in Pharma & Healthcare Advertising

    presented by Lori Goldberg, CEO Silverlight Digital
    & Sandra Leung, Sr. Search and Account Manager


    Silverlight Digital focused the presentation on 6 Ways that Pharma Advertisers take advantage of mobile trends in today’s market place.

    Tip Mobile Success: Understand Mobile Search Queries

    One of the key points from the Silverlight Digital Team was the importance of understanding how search differs from device to device. In an in-depth analysis of 112K unique search terms in a pharma campaign, some interesting trends emerge:

    • Questions on mobile devices (Who, What, Where, When and How) have a higher impression share and a much higher click through rate than other query search terms
    • What Queries: mobile accounts for 69% of all “what” searches, mainly from “happenings today”
    • How Queries: mobile accounts for 65% of all “how” searches, mainly from “how to get rid of” and “how do you know”
    • Where Queries: Mobile accounts for 79% of all “when” searches, mainly related to seasonality (for example current pollen events)
    • Why Queries: Mobile accounts for 66% of all “why” searches, mainly related to current symptoms (for example, “why are my eyes watering?”
    • Where Queries: Mobile accounts for 55% of all “where” searches, because “where to buy” queries are equal on mobile and desktop, whereas questions like “where are allergies” are actually mobile skewed.
    • Who Queries: Mobile only accounts for 43% of all “who” searches, because most questions are related to who the drug manufacturers are (no seasonality)

    To see the rest of the presentation deck and receive the rest of Silverlight Digital’s 6 Tips  for Mobile Success, please contact Michael Ackerman at mackerman@silverlightdigital.com.

    A big thank you to our hosts at Google, and all of our clients and partners who came out to make this a successful event!