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Surprising Ways To Ruin Your Digital Advertising Strategy

UnknownSilverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for MediaPost.

What are you doing to ruin your digital advertising strategy? We’ve outlined a few common mistakes advertisers make in our new column on MediaPost. Below is an excerpt , but you can read the whole story here.

Clearly define campaign goals and fund accordingly

The analytics available in digital media are way beyond anything else in advertising. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with metrics and obsess on data that doesn’t meet your expectations. This can be misleading and sink an otherwise strong campaign. Sit down with your agency and identify a few key goals and target metrics. Understand that your budget will back these goals and a good agency will pull the levers necessary to achieve them.

In a clearly articulated campaign, this is a beautiful thing. The optimization that will occur to meet your goals may cannibalize your unspoken expectations, leaving you secretly disappointed, despite hitting your key targets.

In some cases, this may cause a campaign to negatively fluctuate it’s strategy and attempt to be all things to all metrics – leaving your budget spread too thin to be effective.