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    Why It’s Time to Leave Old-school SEO Behind

    (Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg writes for EConsultancy) The term SEO, which was allegedly first used in 1997, has long been used to describe a webmaster’s ability to edit a website’s design and code to favorably influence its rank on search engines.

    SEO strategies have included back-linking, title tags, page architecture, site maps and introduced us to a style of writing content that emphasizes keywords.

    These strategies have largely belonged to webmasters and programmers.

    Despite significant changes in search algorithms and user-friendly web design tools (ie; WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace), many core elements of what has traditionally been known as SEO have become automated or less technical.

    Even Google has restructured its view on back-linking and often favors quality content over its old ‘inbound links = relevancy’ model.

    Despite this, the term “SEO” still remains and often intimidates non-technical people who view SEO as some foreign language that only their webmaster speaks.

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